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Pre-Calculus For Dummies | 3th edition

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Details about Pre-Calculus For Dummies:

Get ahead in pre calculus

Pre calculus courses have become increasingly popular with 35 percent of students in the U.S. taking the course in middle or high school. Often, completion of such a course is a prerequisite for calculus and other upper level mathematics courses.

Pre Calculus For Dummies is an invaluable resource for students enrolled in pre calculus courses. By presenting the essential topics in a clear and concise manner, the book helps students improve their understanding of pre calculus and become prepared for upper level math courses.

  • Provides fundamental information in an approachable manner  
  • Includes fresh example problems
  • Practical explanations mirror today’s teaching methods
  • Offers relevant cultural references 

Whether used as a classroom aid or as a refresher in preparation for an introductory calculus course, this book is one you’ll want to have on hand to perform your very best.

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