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Basic Statistics for Business and Economics | 9th edition

Authors: Douglas A. Lind,William G Marchal,Samuel A. Wathen
ISBN-13: 9781260187502
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Details about Basic Statistics for Business and Economics:

Basic Statistics for Business and Economics, Ninth Edition provides an introductory survey of descriptive and inferential statistics, using clear and succinct writing. The authors use a step-by-step approach to ease students into statistics concepts, improving motivation and building mastery, with a focus on understanding the application of statistical methods in business and economics. 

The chapters in this edition have been reorganized to better match the corresponding learning objectives. Additionally, the goals of each section have been clarified for both instructors and students. 

A Data Analytics section has been added to the end of each chapter, with new and revised exercises, to develop students' data analytical skills. Students will learn to evaluate, summarize, organize, and analyze information. They also will learn to think critically, improving their ability to interpret and articulate their findings.

Real-world exercises allow students to thoroughly understand how to apply each concept. Three data sets are used throughout the book, providing continuity as the exercises encourage students to build on what they have learned.

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