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Pharmacy Practice and the Law | 9th edition

Authors: Richard R. Abood,Kimberly A. Burns
ISBN-13: 9781284154979
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Details about Pharmacy Practice and the Law:

The Ninth Edition of the best-selling text, Pharmacy Practice and the Law goes beyond preparation for the board exam, helping students understand and critically analyze the law that governs both the profession and the products they distribute. The Ninth Edition continues to include the most up to date federal, legal, regulatory, policy developments, as well as new developments to various medical/pharmaceutical programs. Challenging, open-ended discussion questions and edited cases are included in every chapter to facilitate discussion and critical thinking. Critical issues are discussed in non-legal, easy-to-understand language. Pharmacy Practice and the Law, Ninth Edition is the most comprehensive and engaging resource for teaching the facts of federal pharmacy law and for encouraging critical thinking and analysis on the issues.

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