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Essentials of Health Care Marketing | 5 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Essentials of Health Care Marketing 5 Edition ISBN 9781284200157 by Berkowitz, Eric N.
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Details about Essentials of Health Care Marketing:

Essentials of Health Care Marketing, Fifth Edition provides students with a foundational knowledge of the principles of marketing and their particular application in health care. Offering an engaging and accessible approach, the Fifth Edition of this highly current text offers new content on social media and digital marketing, a thorough consideration of ethics, and additional multimedia to add relevance and further engage students. New to the Fifth Edition: New chapter on social media and digital marketing to fully explore marketing for the modern college student who is constantly engaged by social media. New chapter on ethics that covers areas of topical interest and debate in health care marketing. Coverage of the most current, cutting-edge developments in the field including: invigorating discussions in marketing theory, the new concept of “Customer Empowerment,” wholly revised discussion of pricing in relation to trends in value-based payment, new pricing and payment models,

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