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A Pocket Style Manual | Eighth Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for A Pocket Style Manual Eighth Edition ISBN 9788925598406 by Hacker, Diana,Sommers, Nancy
Authors: Hacker, Diana,Sommers, Nancy
ISBN-13: 9788925598406
List Price: $34.99 (up to 64% savings)
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Details about A Pocket Style Manual:

Becoming a college writer means becoming a college researcher, and it can be a challenge for students to keep all of the guidelines and best practices straight for each class. Enter A Pocket Style Manual. The eighth edition--with its emphasis on step-by-step how-to instruction that helps students apply writing, research, and citation advice in practical, transferable ways--is a powerful companion for writing in all disciplines. What's more, it includes complete and updated guidelines for 2016 MLA style and features more than 300 documentation models in MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE styles. With Pocket's new research help, tested and trusted grammar and style advice, and digital tools that make practice, tracking, and grading simple, you've got the most powerful pocket guide for college writing and research.

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