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Legal Writing | Lam Rfc Cr Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Legal Writing Lam Rfc Cr Edition ISBN 9781423234777 by Duhart, Olympia,Stevens, Richard W.
Authors: Duhart, Olympia,Stevens, Richard W.
ISBN-13: 9781423234777
List Price: $7.95 (up to 20% savings)
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Details about Legal Writing:

Best practices for legal writing in the workplace and for students of law. BarCharts, Inc was founded on our law guides created by the owner, designed to understand the significance of details within the larger scheme of the law, as a daily refresher, and to review before the Bar Exam. Twenty five years later we keep those guides up to date for students of law and criminal justice, paralegals and practicing lawyers to have the most handy legal reference to the most important points of the law possible in 6 pages.   6-page guide includes: Essentials of a Legal Memorandum Creating the Heading Explaining the Facts Drafting the Question Presented Drafting the Brief Answer Section Drafting the Discussion Section Drafting the Conclusion Section More Complex Organization Plans Best Practices for Editing & Revising Types of Legal Logic Plain English Translation TableSuggested uses: Students – keep your legal writing in check with a quick review plus constant refreshers before classes and exams Professionals – keep your legal writing in check long after passing the Bar exam Bar Exam – great review tool before for taking the exam

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