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Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms Barron's Business Dictionaries | Twelfth edition

Authors: Douglas Downing Ph.D.,Michael Covington Ph.D.,Melody Covington
ISBN-13: 9781438008783
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Details about Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms Barron's Business Dictionaries:

Barron’s updated Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms includes more than 3,200 terms and definitions for computer and internet technology. This pocket dictionary can be a quick reference for professionals and a helpful guide for readers who aren’t familiar with technical jargon.

Terms cover:

  • Practical guidance for business software users
  • Computer security, law, and ethics
  • Technology behind smartphones, tablets, and smart home devices
  • Computer programming, algorithms, languages, and operating systems
  • Internet culture and latest developments

The authors use line illustrations and tables to help clarify technical terminology while keeping to the highest standards of accuracy.

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