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Law for Recreation and Sport Managers | 6th edition

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Details about Law for Recreation and Sport Managers:

Written in non-intimidating, easy-to-read language, Law for Recreation and Sport Managers is an up-to-date source of legal information for undergraduate or graduate recreation and sport management courses and as an informative practical resource for professionals in the field.

Law for Recreation and Sport Managers:

  • Is the only book in the field that provides in-depth study in tort law, risk management, contract law, constitutional law, and sport-related legislation.
  • Features 57 completely updated chapters from which the instructor can choose - the most flexible recreation and sport law book in the field!
  • Integrates an accompanying website providing students and professors with approximately 275 significant court cases.
  • Is written by 38 recognized experts in each subject
  • Has been adopted by more than 150 institutions 

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