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Bilingual and ESL Classrooms: Teaching in Multicultural Contexts | 6th edition

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Details about Bilingual and ESL Classrooms: Teaching in Multicultural Contexts:

Now in its 6th Edition, this classic text integrates theory and practice to provide comprehensive coverage of bilingual and ESL education. The text covers the foundations of bilingual and ESL education and provides a strong focus on what the teacher needs to know in a bilingual classroom. Woven throughout the text are quotes from bilingual and ESL students and teachers that illuminate the bilingual/ESL learning and teaching experience. Bilingual and ESL Classrooms is written for both preservice and experienced educators serving grades pre-K through 12—mainstream, bilingual, ESL, and special education teachers, as well as administrators, school counselors, and educational policymakers.

New in the Sixth Edition
This sixth edition presents updated research on and expanded coverage of key issues related to the education of English language learners in the United States such as continuing controversies and findings in demographics, the impact of globalization on K–12 public schooling, evidence-driven teaching practices, white normativity, using technologies developed for language minority populations, making sense of Census 2010, and achievement levels of ELLs in math and science. More specifically, this sixth edition includes:

  • Coverage of the 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act.
  • An expanded and updated “Human Face of Bilingual Students and ELLs.”
  • A revised, co-authored student chapter.
  • A thoroughly revised assessment chapter.
  • A revised chapter on bilingual special education.

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