Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children | Nineteenth Edition

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Authors: Pangrazi, Robert P.,Beighle, Aaron
ISBN-13: 9781492590262
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Details about Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children:

Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children (DPE) is the longest-running elementary methods textbook on the market, and this latest edition is just as pertinent, essential, and cutting-edge as ever. DPE does more than provide the foundational knowledge needed to teach quality physical education—it applies this knowledge with an array of physical activities that equip preservice physical educators to teach with confidence from their first day. Now, for the first time, the text is made even more practical with the free interactive website Dynamic PE ASAP, which replaces the previous print resource Dynamic Physical Education Curriculum Guide: Lesson Plans for Implementation. With the Dynamic PE ASAP site, teachers have access to ready-to-use activities and complete lesson plans, as well as the ability to build their own lesson plans from the provided activities. This resource puts a complete curriculum for quality physical education at teachers’ fingertips. DPE also offers practical teaching tips, case studies of real-life situations to spark discussion, and instructor resources (an instructor guide, presentation package, and test package) that will make preparing for and teaching a course a breeze. The 19th edition has been updated to reflect the latest knowledge and best practice in physical education, including the following: A new chapter on physical activity and youth Recent research on physical activity and the brain Updated and expanded content on physical activity guidelines and assessment New activities to integrate health concepts into the physical education curriculum A chapter on lesson planning that is aligned with and linked to the Dynamic PE ASAP website New technology features throughout the book The 19th edition emphasizes creating a social and emotional learning environment in which all students can learn and thrive. The ultimate goal of DPE is to help students learn skills, be personally and socially responsible, and embrace the joy of physical activity for a lifetime. The first 12 chapters of Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children lay the foundation for becoming an effective instructor of quality physical education. These chapters highlight the importance of physical activity and delve into identifying developmental needs, designing curriculum, writing lessons and assessments, and navigating school procedures. Chapters 13 through 30 explore how to teach the objectives of physical education, including these: Foundational skills, such as locomotor and manipulative skills Specialized skills, such as game skills and gymnastics Lifetime activities and sport skills, such as basketball and hockey These chapters include an array of field-tested activities, all listed in progression from easiest to most difficult, enabling teachers to incorporate proper skill sequencing. With its emphasis on skill development and the promotion of lifelong healthy activity, Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children is highly applicable for both physical educators and classroom teachers. It is an ideal text to support an elementary methods PE course, providing the detail that PETE students need. The content is also very accessible to students learning to become elementary education teachers. With this latest edition, Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children remains the go-to book for both preservice and in-service teachers—just as it started out as 19 editions ago.

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