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Political Science Research Methods | 8th edition

Authors: Janet Buttolph Johnson,H. T. Reynolds,Jason D. Mycoff
ISBN-13: 9781506307824
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Details about Political Science Research Methods:

Understand the "how" and the "why" behind research in political science.
Step by step, Political Science Research Methods walks students through the logic of research design, carefully explaining how researchers choose which method to employ. The Eighth Edition of this trusted resource offers a greater emphasis on the ways in which particular methods are used by undergraduates, expanded coverage of the role of the Internet in research and analysis, and more international examples. 

Practice makes perfect. 
In the new fourth edition of the accompanying workbook, Working with Political Science Research Methods, students are given the perfect opportunity to practice each of the methods presented in the core text. This helpful supplement breaks each aspect of the research process into manageable parts and features new exercises and updated data sets. A solutions manual with answers to the workbook is available to adopters.

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