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Document Control: Lifecycle and the Governance Challenge

Author: Dawit Kassa
ISBN-13: 9781519760456
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Details about Document Control: Lifecycle and the Governance Challenge:

With nine detailed chapters, this book presents the latest insights into both daily and strategic document control practices and challenges. Key topics addressed in the book are:• Document control principles, processes and technology• Document life cycle and its governance • Project document control• Strategy and planning for document control • Writing effective document control procedures• Different approaches to numbering documents and revisions • Creation and use of smart document templates • Document control assurance and quality controlThe book also provides different views and approaches to a number of topics, general advice as well as step-by-step guidance, 25 example forms, templates, and illustrative diagrams.About the AuthorDawit Kassa is an Information Management professional for the design and construction of facilities. He is also a PMI-certified IT Project Manager and currently leads a project to design and build advanced construction and asset document and data management systems. His past professional experiences include multiple roles as Information Management Business Analyst, IT Business Analyst and Project Manager working on large oil and gas facilities and projects.

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