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The World's Greatest Physical Science Textbook For Middle School Students In The Known Universe And Beyond! Volume One: A textbook for middle school physical science

Author: Michael Ritts
ISBN-13: 9781520119434
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Details about The World's Greatest Physical Science Textbook For Middle School Students In The Known Universe And Beyond! Volume One: A textbook for middle school physical science:

A middle school physical science textbook complete with a video of the power point lessons, links to experiments, and a flash card review. This is the paper back version of the e-book, in fact you get the e-book free with the purchase of the paper back version (matchbook). This is an excellent science book for home school students. This is volume one of a three volume set. Volume one covers the scientific method, matter and energy. Volume two covers physics, motion and forces . Volume three includes chemistry, waves and pseudoscience. This is intended to be a middle school level physical science textbook, but it is not written as one. It is easy to understand and funny. It is not only targeted at a middle school student but sounds like one wrote it. A lot of immature examples are used, kids like this. This is not your normal textbook, it is fun to read, but includes all the vocabulary and complex ideas. The current textbooks are full of boring information but they are useless if no one wants to actually read them. A student will want to read this one, so will an adult. It explains in easy language, complex topics. There are links to demonstrations, experiments, simulations, videos, and funny examples of science. This book is written to make physical science fun, as all science should be. Normally a textbook is written so the teacher can make a lesson from it, this one is the opposite. These are my lessons converted into a textbook. I know the lessons and examples work, so the textbook should also. Since this is an e-book it also includes links to my power point lessons (in video form), links to videos, demonstrations, and simulations. There are a lot of links in each chapter. This is self-published book designed to be an affordable online textbook for middle school or home school children. Volume one covers the Scientific Method, The basics of Matter, and Energy. Table of contentsUnit 1 – What the Heck is science?Chapter 1 – How to think like a scientistChapter 2 – The scientific MethodChapter 3 – Physical ScienceChapter 4 – Lab safetyChapter 5 – The controlled experimentUnit 2 – What is MatterChapter 6 – Measuring MatterChapter 7 – AtomsChapter 8 – Combining matter into new stuffChapter 9 – The common states of matterUnit 3 – The Properties of matterChapter 10 – Properties of matterChapter 11 – Changing states of MatterChapter 12 – Using propertiesUnit 4 – EnergyChapter 13– Forms of energyChapter 14 – Energy transitionsChapter 15 – Energy technologyUnit 5 – Heat Chapter 16– TemperatureChapter 17– HeatChapter 18 – The movement of heat

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