Quantitative Social Science Data with R: An Introduction | 1 Edition

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Details about Quantitative Social Science Data with R: An Introduction:

"One of the few books that provide an accessible introduction to quantitative data analysis with R. A particular strength of the text is the focus on ′real world′ examples which help students to understand why they are learning these methods." - Dr Roxanne Connelly, University of York Relevant, engaging, and packed with student-focused learning features, this book provides the step-by-step introduction to quantitative research and data every student needs. Gradually introducing applied statistics and R, it uses examples from across the social sciences to show you how to apply abstract statistical and methodological principles to your own work. At a student-friendly pace, it enables you to: -       Understand and use quantitative data to answer questions -       Approach surrounding ethical issues -       Collect quantitative data -       Manage, write about, and share the data effectively Supported by incredible digital resources with online tutorials, videos, datasets, and multiple choice questions, this book gives you not only the tools you need to understand statistics, quantitative data, and R software, but also the chance to practice and apply what you have learned. 

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