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The Associated Press Stylebook: 2022-2024

Compare Textbook Prices for The Associated Press Stylebook: 2022-2024  ISBN 9781541601659 by The Associated Press
Author: The Associated Press
ISBN-13: 9781541601659
List Price: $14.59 (up to 65% savings)
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Details about The Associated Press Stylebook: 2022-2024:

AP Stylebook Online is a searchable, customizable guide for writers and editors that is updated throughout the year. Your subscription includes the popular Ask the Editor feature, where you can ask your own questions and search thousands of past answers, and Topical Guides, offering guidance to help you write about events in the news. The AP Stylebook is widely used as a writing and editing reference in newsrooms, classrooms and corporate offices worldwide. Stylebook Online builds on everything that’s in the print Stylebook, and makes it a more comprehensive, convenient resource.

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