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Potpourri: Our Human Condition

Author: Humera Sultana Khan
ISBN-13: 9781543752571
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Details about Potpourri: Our Human Condition:

In my book, Potpourri - Our Human Condition, I want to share the range and depth of specific human emotions and human experiences that make each and everyone of us authentically human. From the terror of 'In Captivity' to the sadness of 'Barefoot', to the resignation of 'They' to the appreciation/awe in 'Mother's Day' to the euphoria in 'Joy', I try to share some thoughts and feelings I experienced as a young woman. Please come, read and enjoy every word of this book - it is your book. Note: All drawings/pictures in this book are done by my children, Muntasir, Badruddin, Ishak, my husband, Zafar and myself.

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