Antitrust: Third Edition Examples & Explanations Series | 3 Edition

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Details about Antitrust: Third Edition Examples & Explanations Series:

Examples and Explanations for Antitrust Law, Third Edition is a relentlessly accessible introduction to a body of law that seems foreign and complex but does not at all have to be. By capturing the bigger picture without sacrificing any detail, introducing antitrust economics in a purely intuitive way appropriate for users at any level of economic sophistication, and extensively explaining the real-world context and institutions of antitrust practice, the book brings the law within reach for students of all backgrounds.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Incorporation of all significant judicial and legislative developments since 2011
  • In-depth new coverage of the “two-sided” or “platform” market theory introduced in the Supreme Court’s seminal 2018 decision in Ohio v. American Express
  • Revised coverage of conspiracy, monopolization, and merger law in light of key lower-court decisions, like United States v. AT&T, New York v. T-Mobile, Steves & Sons v. JELD-WEN, Viamedia v. Comcast, SC Innovations v. Uber Technologies, and the Alston NCAA litigation
  • Expanded treatment of advanced antitrust economic theory in a substantially revised Appendix, including a full examination of bargaining theory and other developing models, and their performance before the courts.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Extensive attention to real-world context
  • Heavy emphasis on accessibility in language and explanation, but backed up with support for economic and legal study by more advanced readers (for example, the Appendix on advanced antitrust economics)
  • A two-step introduction to antitrust economics accessible without any prior background in economics, built on a purely intuitive and non-quantitative introduction supplemented by more formal explanation for more advanced readers

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