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Digital Marketing in an AI World: Futureproofing Your PPC Agency

Author: Frederick Vallaeys
ISBN-13: 9781544513379
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Details about Digital Marketing in an AI World: Futureproofing Your PPC Agency:

Artificial intelligence is radically altering the digital marketing landscape. But if you’re a PPC professional, there’s no need to panic; the sky isn’t falling. Former Google AdWords evangelist Frederick Vallaeys understands what’s coming next, and with his expert guidance you’ll not only survive, but you’ll also thrive in tomorrow’s AI world.In this invaluable volume, you’ll learn:· What AI and other digital marketing technology can and cannot do· How agency owners can reposition their business in the current environment· New skillsets to develop or look for in potential new hires· Four essential roles digital marketing professionals will continue to play in the future· And moreData isn’t everything. Human intuition and creativity will always be essential components of successful marketing. So relax! Read Digital Marketing in an Artificial Intelligence World, and in no time at all you’ll be leveraging AI, not competing with it.

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