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Details about Marketing Health Services, Third Edition AUPHA/HAP Book:

Healthcare organizations are facing significant challenges as implementation of the Affordable Care Act brings about a number of paradigm shifts into an already dynamic field. In the face of these challenges, healthcare marketers must take advantage of a wide range of strategies—both traditional and contemporary—to help their organizations successfully navigate the new healthcare landscape. This book brings a fresh perspective to many tried-and-true marketing techniques but also discusses new opportunities, including social media, healthcare globalization, consumer engagement, and more.

Fully revised and updated, this third edition introduces readers to the marketing techniques most applicable to a variety of healthcare organizations, allowing them to rise above the noise that consumers are currently bombarded with and better position themselves for the future. Changes to the third edition: the latest healthcare marketing trends are discussed, including database marketing, customer relationship management, and Internet marketing; a new chapter on social media reviews the various forms of digital communication and their impact on disseminating healthcare information within the field and to consumers; supporting information within the text includes in-line glossary terms, key points at the end of each chapter, discussion questions for student collaboration, and additional resources on topics discussed in the chapter; revised support materials include an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint slides, answers to selected case study questions, and an entirely new test bank.

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