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The Adventures of Polo: A Picture Book | 1st Edition

Author: Regis Faller
ISBN-13: 9781596431607
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Details about The Adventures of Polo: A Picture Book:

Equipped with a backpack full of supplies, Polo sets off on a little boat--and on a series of delightful adventures that take him across (and under) the ocean, to an island and a frozen iceberg, to space and home again, with a world of magical encounters along the way. Polo's journey is packed with incident and expression; 80 pages of seamless, satisfying picture storytelling are perfectly targeted to the youngest reader. Unique, dynamic, and playful, The Adventures of Polo calls to mind the worlds of film animation, comics, and classic books from Harold and the Purple Crayon to The Snowman--and has style, appeal, and substance all its very own.

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