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Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook | 2nd ed. Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook 2nd ed. Edition ISBN 9781616082789 by Department of Defense
Author: Department of Defense
ISBN-13: 9781616082789
List Price: $16.95 (up to 67% savings)
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Details about Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook:

The newest edition of the Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook is perfect and practical for both soldiers and civilians. Nearly 140 comprehensive illustrations show the proper techniques for medical care, from basic first-aid and orthopedics to instructions for emergency war surgery and even veterinary medicine. Questions are listed so that the medic can obtain an accurate patient history and perform a complete physical examination. Diagnoses are made easier with information on the distinctive features of each illness. This straightforward manual is sure to assist any reader faced with a medical issue or emergency.

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