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Michigan Court Rules; 2018 Edition | 2018th ed. edition

Author: Michigan Legal Publishing Ltd.
ISBN-13: 9781640020320
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Details about Michigan Court Rules; 2018 Edition:

This edition of the full Michigan Court Rules is updated through January 1, 2018. Included are the rules of civil procedure, criminal procedure, probate procedure, appellate procedure, and more.

Full contents are listed below:

  • Chapter 1; General Provisions
  • Chapter 2; Civil Procedure
  • Chapter 3; Special Proceedings and Actions
  • Chapter 4; District Court
  • Chapter 5; Probate Court
  • Chapter 6; Criminal Procedure
  • Chapter 7; Appellate Rules
  • Chapter 8; Administrative Rules of Court
  • Chapter 9; Professional Disciplinary Proceedings

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