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Soothe: Your Mind-Body-Spirit Guide for Dealing with Crappy Emotions

Author: Heidi Kopacek
ISBN-13: 9781683732327
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Details about Soothe: Your Mind-Body-Spirit Guide for Dealing with Crappy Emotions:

When it comes to emotional health, we're all busting our backsides trying to make ourselves feel better. We channel positive thoughts, walk 10,000 steps, say what we're grateful for, search for our passion, buy an expensive juicer, and finally, in a fit of exhaustion, we turn to the comfort of eating, drinking, scrolling social media, and anything else that gives a little instant relief.

In Soothe: Your Mind-Body-Spirit Guide for Dealing with Crappy Emotions, psychologist and basically your new best friend, Dr. Heidi Kopacek, gives you a holistic approach to de-frazzling from 21st century stress and negativity. In this hilarious, practical and yet fiercely honest book, learn once and for all:

- What emotions really are, where they come from, and why we have so many
- New and innovative ideas for soothing tension in the body, and quieting the anxious mind
- The best how-to's for breathing, meditation, self-care, and compassion (without any woo-woo jargon you can't understand)
- Powerful, but easy-to-implement techniques for awaking your deeper human spirit

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