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Movement Over Maxes: Developing The Foundation for Baseball Performance

Author: Zach Dechant
ISBN-13: 9781731024244
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Details about Movement Over Maxes: Developing The Foundation for Baseball Performance:

Movement Over Maxes is a foundational training program that serves as that starting point for any athlete. It functions as a guide for all coaches to understand and implement basic movement patterns with a long-term development approach. It is a starting point that values movement above all. It is built to create movement competencies that will carry athletes through future endeavors with a solid foundation of development.The book Movement Over Maxes will provide fundamental progressions to the Big 5 movement patterns for all athletes. These are movement patterns every developing athlete should know: how to squat, hinge, push, pull, brace, land, jump, and sprint. The basics are the basics, whether the athlete is in high school or college. Although it was optimally built for the overhead athlete, this program isn’t necessarily one of specialization. It is focused on developing the entire athlete and quality movement first and foremost so future loading can take place. Every concept in this manual will build upon the previous ones, leaving athletes with a well-rounded foundation.Movement Over Maxes was created for the coach who wears every hat for their program... the coach who mows the grass, drags the infield, handles the equipment, and trains the athletes. This is for the coach who devotes their life to not only creating better baseball players, but growing boys into men through sport.

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