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But I Don't Sell: An Eye Care Professional's Guide to Being More Persuasive, Influential and Successful

Author: Dr. Steve Vargo
ISBN-13: 9781731487940
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Details about But I Don't Sell: An Eye Care Professional's Guide to Being More Persuasive, Influential and Successful:

A Scientifically Proven Approach to Being More Persuasive with Your Patients.Eye care professionals are not trained salespeople, yet they are tasked with selling people every day. This can involve recommending prescription sunglasses to an early cataract patient, getting a glaucoma patient to be more compliant with eyedrops, or launching a promotion to sell more contact lenses. But why are some practices more successful at this than others? This book connects the dots between how to sell and how people want to be sold to. As the title implies, this book is not strictly focused on selling in the traditional sense. Rather; it focuses on the science behind why people buy. Blending years of cutting-edge research in consumer psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics, this book provides a scientifically proven framework for becoming more persuasive and influential with ALL your recommendations. In this book you’ll learn strategies for:•Increasing revenues•Reducing optical walkouts•Getting patients to better comply with meds•Reducing no-shows•Gaining more referrals•Growing a specialty service•Getting patients to change bad habits•Improving ROI on marketing•Becoming a more persuasive and influential leader•Getting more people to say “Yes!” To you

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