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What's Wrong with You People?: A Manifesto on the apostasy & heresy that is plaguing the church today

Author: Patrick D. Garlock
ISBN-13: 9781790819683
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Details about What's Wrong with You People?: A Manifesto on the apostasy & heresy that is plaguing the church today:

I am constantly at a loss for words at the infiltration by the enemy into the church today. And worse yet, it goes almost unrecognized by man. Apostasy and heresy might have been predicted, but it doesn’t make it any easier to stomach when you see it, hear it and smell it. Yes, it smells. It has an atrocious and abhorrent stench that sticks out to any human being that is remotely in tune with a walk with Christ.

I would arrive at the understanding there were going to be people would appear to be “Christian”, but in fact they were not. Not that they are just bad at it, but that they truly weren’t the embodiment of what that actually means. How do I know this? I find it in the Bible. Jesus said it himself when He quoted the prophet Isaiah in Matthew 15:8 - “This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of me.”

Hard to argue with something said when the founder of the belief system that you possess, doesn’t agree with a number of His professed “followers”.

Because so many like to take Christian principles and make up their own rules. They decide to call it something else… in the name of Christianity. That’s not Christianity. That’s called heresy. Some Christians have managed to “hold” to biblical principles, but never study it. They agree with principles that they might have learned, but they proceed through life by taking matters into their own hands. Soon, they don’t actually hold much to the Bible because it’s no longer the centerpiece of their church or their denomination. This is called apostasy.

Apostasy and heresy are widespread. They rear their ugly heads in many ways. Unfortunately, they are like diseases running wild and rampant within Christianity today. But how did we get here? Or better yet, how have we become so deceived? Let’s liken these problems within the church to a really bad influenza. Because of this almost airborne virus, many people have turned away from attending church. Or if they do begin to attend a church, they find one that is so dressed to the “nines” in terms of appearance that it looks like a wonderfully inviting place.

All-the-while the teaching isn’t grounded and the attendees are so disconnected from what Jesus expects from us.

I have grown weary and tired of this world making a mockery of the living God. I have become less-than-patient with the church leaders who’ve allowed themselves to be deceived into making such bad decisions that it reflects beyond inappropriately on the Savior Jesus Christ.

But the focus has become less on the triumph of this Savior, who presently reigns from Heaven, seated at the right hand of God, and more on what makes us feel good in this horribly lonely, narcissistic society. And that is the breeding ground; the birthplace of Apostasy and Heresy.

Today, there are pastors, evangelists and church leaders worldwide, who are partaking in this. And no, it’s not in a building marked “church of lucifer”. This is occurring in churches that are calling themselves “Christian” churches. That’s the sick part. They literally have adopted secular ideology and propaganda into their teachings and mission statements.

As a pastor, I see and hear the daily struggles of people. Not just in their own lives, but in their theology as well. Many have learned things that are just not found inside the Holy Bible, but have been told at one point that it is.

From the bogus teaching of the prosperity gospel to the false teachers who are leading cults. From the avoidance of reading the entirety of the Bible to outright bad homiletics. From eschatology to proper biblical exegesis (interpretation). There are many things that can lead to fighting within the church. Satan is working full time to cause disruption within the faith.

But fear not! God is totally in control!

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