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Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself

Author: Wes Bush
ISBN-13: 9781798434529
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Details about Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself:

Can your software sell itself?

Convention and the trillion-dollar sales industry claim that it’s impossible for your product to sell itself. Yet successful software businesses like Slack, Dropbox, Atlassian, and HubSpot make millions selling to customers who never once reached out to a sales rep.

In Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself, growth consultant Wes Bush challenges the traditional SaaS marketing and sales playbook and introduces a completely new way to sell products. Bush reveals how your product—not expensive sales teams—can be the main vehicle to acquire, convert, and retain customers.

In this step-by-step guide to Product-Led Growth, Bush explains:

  • Why you should flip the traditional sales process on its head and turn your product into a sales machine;

  • How to decide whether your business should use a free trial, freemium, or hybrid model;

  • How to turn free users into happy, paying customers.

History tells us that “how” you sell is just as important as “what” you sell. Blockbuster couldn’t compete with Netflix by selling the same digital content, and you need to decide “when” not “if” you’ll innovate on the way you sell. Are you going to be product-led? Or will you be disrupted, too?

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