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Draw Write Now Book 4: Polar Regions, Arctic, Antarctic

Authors: Marie Hablitzel,Kim Stitzer
ISBN-13: 9781933407586
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Details about Draw Write Now Book 4: Polar Regions, Arctic, Antarctic:

A drawing and handwriting course for kids that is challenging, motivating, and fun! This book contains a collection of beginning drawing lessons and text for practicing handwriting based on the philosophy of author Marie Hablitzel. An elementary teacher for more than 30 years, Marie believed that drawing and handwriting require many of the same skills, and intertwined her daily drawing and handwriting lessons with math, science, social studies, geography, reading and creative writing. This series separates these lessons into common themes in eight instructive books that can be used in any order. Books are colorful and non-consumable, with an accompanying workbook to record the student s work. Children will improve their drawing skills, refine their handwriting clarity, and enjoy learning in the process!

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