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A Little SPOT of Anger: A Story About Managing BIG Emotions

Author: Diane Alber
ISBN-13: 9781951287030
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Details about A Little SPOT of Anger: A Story About Managing BIG Emotions:

It can be really hard to handle BIG Emotions, especially ANGER! Kids experience frustrating situations everyday, whether it's someone taking their toy or they feel like they can't do something. This story shows them that instead of yelling or stomping their feet, they can practice some fun ways to help them stay CALM.

Count your spots from one to four,
Tap, tap, tap and tap once more.
Now fill your lungs with peaceful air,
and coat your SPOTS with love and care.

By associating emotions with something a child can visual (bright red spot), they are able to see when a small feeling of frustration can easily turn into into a big ANGRY emotion. They will realize they can manage their spots of emotions with fun counting and breathing techniques by watching an ANGRY SPOT start to shrink down.

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