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The DK Handbook | 3th edition

Authors: Anne Frances Wysocki,Dennis A. Lynch
ISBN-13: 9780205863792
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Details about The DK Handbook:

Transforming expectations for textbooks, The DK Handbook presents information in newly accessible, scientifically tested, and student-friendly ways.

Never before seen in the handbook market, The DK Handbook’s design is a true marriage of visual and textual content, in which each topic is presented in self-contained, two-page spreads for at-a-glance referencing. Explanations are concise and “chunked” to be more approachable and appealing for today’s readers, and accompanying visuals truly teach — making concepts and processes visible to students. The ground-breaking layout creates a consistent look and feel that helps students connect with the material, find information, and recognize solutions to writing problems they often don’t have names for.

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