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Heart Vision: How to See Your Path Forward When You're in a Dark Place

Author: Dr. Dellia Evans
ISBN-13: 9781734128703
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Details about Heart Vision: How to See Your Path Forward When You're in a Dark Place:

Are you, or someone you know, tired, afraid, and confused because of challenges in an intimate relationship? If so, you’ll find "Heart Vision" an empowering guide to beginning a personal journey to a brighter future. Dr. Dellia Evans is an optometrist who has helped thousands of people to see more clearly. However, because of her personal circumstances as a survivor of domestic abuse, she felt compelled to write this book. Dr. Evans knows what it’s like to feel the craziness, the disappointment, and the betrayal. She knows what it takes to get to the other side of the fears and anxieties of a destructive marriage, and what you need to do to find your way to a safe place of well-being and rest."Heart Vision" shines a light to help survivors and victims of domestic violence see their paths forward from a dark place. You’ll learn how to identify your spiritual blind spots, learn how to be true to yourself and catch a clear vision in your heart of where you are going. By the time you’ve finished reading "Heart Vision," you will learn what you can do to change your life. You’ll see the reality of your situation and discover what you have not been able to see that has kept you stuck. And you will become empowered to run with that vision. Read this inspiring book to develop more clarity, change your focus and create a plan to free yourself from a destructive marriage or relationship. It’s time to find peace and learn to love yourself and your life.

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