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Fordney's Medical Insurance, 15e | 15 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Fordney's Medical Insurance, 15e 15 Edition ISBN 9780323594400 by Smith CPC  CPC-1  CEMC  PCS  CMBS, Linda
Author: Smith CPC CPC-1 CEMC PCS CMBS, Linda
ISBN-13: 9780323594400
List Price: $74.95 (up to 35% savings)
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Details about Fordney's Medical Insurance, 15e:

Get the hands-on practice you need to succeed as an insurance billing specialist! Corresponding to the chapters in Fordney’s Medical Insurance and Billing, 15th Edition, Medical Insurance Online provides convenient review and practice in key areas such as diagnostic coding, procedural coding, paper and electronic claims, Medicare, HIPAA, and bill collection strategies. Exercises and activities let you apply insurance concepts to common billing and coding tasks. With 20 learning modules, MIO ensures that you will make an easier transition from the classroom to the workplace.

  • Interactive exercises and activities provide frequent opportunities to recall and recognize medical insurance concepts.
  • Gradable quizzes and exams provide you with proof of mastery and highlight areas which may require further study.
  • Claims processing activities help you understand how crucial completing a clean claim form is for both the patient and the medical office.
  • Reading references connect this online course with the Fordney’s Medical Insurance and Billing textbook, providing practice with applying the book’s concepts.
    • NEW! Thorough module updates reflect the latest information in claim submission methods, challenges with Medicare, and diagnostic coding.
    • NEW! Ambulatory Surgical Center billing module is included.
    • NEW! Gradable case studies connect the text’s concepts to real-world scenarios.
    • NEW! Expanded coverage of ICD-10 coding, and EHR and electronic claim forms is included.
    • NEW! Expanded coverage of inpatient insurance billing is included.
    • NEW! Designed to meet all Level A and AA checkpoints of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

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