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Historic Preservation for Professionals

Authors: Virginia O. Benson,Richard Klein
ISBN-13: 9780873389273
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Details about Historic Preservation for Professionals:

A broad-based approach to preservation

After completing an extensive survey of preservation programs throughout the United States, authors Virginia O. Benson and Richard Klein saw the need for this comprehensive approach to historic preservation, examining where it has been and where it is going, anticipating that historic preservation must encourage collaborative projects among planning, design, and development professionals.

This text focuses on complex economic, political, and social realities facing the profession today. Specifically, Historic Preservation for Professionals provides an in-depth historic analysis of the profession, a summary of legal issues, an architectural synopsis, a discussion of career opportunities in the public and private sectors, and examples of innovative nonprofit leadership and preservation trends.

Design professionals―architecture, interior, and landscape―and those interested in urban design and urban studies, real estate development, and nonprofit management will find Historic Preservation for Professionals a valuable addition to the fields of architecture, urban design, and preservation.

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