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American Education: A History | 6 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for American Education: A History 6 Edition ISBN 9781138387577 by Urban, Wayne J.,Wagoner  Jr., Jennings L.,Gaither, Milton
Authors: Urban, Wayne J.,Wagoner Jr., Jennings L.,Gaither, Milton
ISBN-13: 9781138387577
List Price: $61.56 (up to 13% savings)
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Details about American Education: A History:

American Education: A History, Sixth Edition is a comprehensive, highly regarded history of American education from precolonial times to the present. Chronologically organized, it provides an objective overview of each major period in the development of American education, setting the discussion against the broader backdrop of national and world events. In addition to its in-depth exploration of Native American traditions (including education) prior to colonization, it also offers strong, ongoing coverage of minorities and women. This much-anticipated sixth edition brings heightened attention to the history of education of individuals with disabilities, of classroom pedagogy and technology, of teachers and teacher leaders, and of educational developments and controversies of the twenty-first century.

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