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Harrisons Manual of Medicine | 20 Edition

Compare Textbook Prices for Harrisons Manual of Medicine 20 Edition ISBN 9781260455342 by Kasper, Dennis,Fauci, Anthony,Hauser, Stephen,Longo, Dan,Larry Jameson, J.,Loscalzo, Joseph
Authors: Kasper, Dennis,Fauci, Anthony,Hauser, Stephen,Longo, Dan,Larry Jameson, J.,Loscalzo, Joseph
ISBN-13: 9781260455342
List Price: $84.55 (up to 14% savings)
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Details about Harrisons Manual of Medicine:

All the authority of the most trusted brand in medical content in a convenient, portable guide The Harrison’s Manual, derived from most clinically salient content featured in Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 20th Edition, delivers numerous clinical algorithms in one practical, portable resource. The Manual also includes abundant quick reference tables, plus concise text—providing rapid access to bedside information when decisions need to be made quickly. This full color summary guide covers all diseases and conditions commonly seen in inpatient general medicine, so you can be sure to find invaluable content directly to your workflow and practice. The 20th edition has been updated to reflect the latest clinical developments in medicine. The Manual truly makes it easy to find what you need at the point of care. The easy-to-navigate chapters cover symptoms/signs, medical emergencies, specific diseases, and care of the hospitalized patient, with a particular focus on: Etiology and Epidemiology Clinically Relevant Pathophysiology Signs and Symptoms Differential Diagnosis Physical and Laboratory Findings Therapeutics Practice Guidelines, and more

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