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Making Candles & Potpourri: Illuminate and Infuse Your Home

Author: Catherine Bardey
ISBN-13: 9781579120764
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Details about Making Candles & Potpourri: Illuminate and Infuse Your Home:

Create a relaxing oasis of serenity, comfort or romance in any room. Step-by-step directions explain the techniques of candle and potpourri making--from scented, hand-dipped tapers to decorative column candles to aromatic mood enhancing rose petals that readers can use to decorate and fragrance their homes.

Readers will find recipes for all occasions, seasons and places including spicy Christmas potpourris and elegant Hanukkah candles--all made from herbs, flowers and oils. A resource directory, safety hints and decorating advice help readers enjoy and explore the relaxing and soothing world of mood lighting and fragrances.

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