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Document Management with SAP DMS | 2nd edition

Author: Eric Stajda
ISBN-13: 9781592298624
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Details about Document Management with SAP DMS:

Managing the creation, storage, and security of your documentation is vital to today's enterprises. With this comprehensive guide, master the functionality and configuration of SAP's Document Management Solution (DMS). Full of practical and technical details, this title is perfect for a project manager or lead consultant who wants to effectively understand and use the Document Management System in SAP.

* Master DMS functionality and configuration with real-world examples and tips
* Explore the different ways to interact with DMS, including Easy DMS, CAD integration, BAdIs, and user exits
* Up to date for ERP 6, PLM 7.01 and 7.02

Approval Workflows
Create a basic approval workflow or move on to more complex document workflows with details on how to use BAdIs and user exits.

DMS Configuration
Explore SAP DMS configuration with detailed insight on the configuration of process routes, number ranges, lab offices and more.

Understand the tools for integrating SAP DMS with CAD and Microsoft and explore the benefits and challenges of integration.

* DMS project implementation
* Infrastructure
* Security and authorizations
* SAP Easy DMS
* Document hierarchy
* Web UI
* Integration with CAD

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