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World Religions 2015: A Voyage of Discovery | 4th edition

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Details about World Religions 2015: A Voyage of Discovery:

The updated edition of this highly acclaimed text continues to help young people unlock the doors to the world's major religious traditions. The textbook highlights recent events in the history of these traditions and helps eleventh- and twelfth-graders understand the people, dimensions, and religious principles of the world's major religions.

NEW in this edition:

New! A new modern design with updated fonts, imagery, and colors brings new life to each page

New! Each chapter begins with an updated opener to help draw students� attention to key information that will be covered in the chapter

New! Updated events and statistics encourage discussion and a deeper understanding of the different religions

New! Thought-provoking activities are embedded within each chapter to allow students to immerse themselves in and explore the content further

New! Term definitions are now reflected in a sidebar directly on the page where the term is first introduced, making them easier for students to find and use

New! A master glossary has been added to provide students a single point of reference for all significant terms

Encourages eleventh- and twelfth-graders to explore the people, dimensions, and religious principles of the key religions of the world

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