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Selling advice

Keep your books in good condition

All retailers have minimum quality requirements for books that they buy back. In order to sell your books back later, be sure to avoid heavy highlighting, penned notes, or damage to the binding or pages.

Be careful not to sell rented textbooks

Make sure to return any rented textbooks to the company from which you got them.

Sell sooner than later

Bookstores and retailers have quotas and caps for each book according to demand levels. As they get closer to those limits, the amount they offer decreases.

Never throw a book away

Eventually, books completely lose their value. However, this doesn’t mean you should just throw them away. See if your school has a book donation program, give the book to a friend who might want it, or donate it to Goodwill or a local library.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happened to the old TextSurf?

Previously TextSurf was a website that helped you find the best rental prices on textbooks — but we've upgraded the site and the offering to our users. Now instead of renting textbooks, we can save you even more than before by comparing the prices of a ton of different places out there - including multiple rental and purchase websites and your own campus bookstore.

2. Is TextSurf Free?

Yes. We're a price comparison site — we compare prices from several different websites so you can be sure you're getting the best deals on books. We don't actually sell you the books — but we give you the links you need to buy them from the biggest used, rental and digital textbook sites on the web.

3. Who created TextSurf?

We're operated by the team who brought you RoomSurf. RoomSurf makes it easy to find compatible college roommates — if you're having roommate problems, definitely check us out!

4. How do I know which books I need for my classes?

Most schools allow you to find the exact books you need for your courses on their bookstore website. Once you find your books, use the ISBN to search Textsurf to find your books at the cheapest prices. We also show you buying and renting options, so you can use the books exactly how you want to.

5. I have a question that's not listed here — how do I reach you?

Send an email to; we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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