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What To Do With Your Textbooks At The End Of The Semester

By Ashley Paskill

After the semester, you will likely have textbooks left over from your classes. This can leave you wondering what to do with them. You may need to reference them in future classes, but Should you hold on to them, or should you sell them? Can future students use them? These are all possibilities, depending on your preferences.

Sell your textbooks

If you want to get rid of used textbooks that you definitely do not plan on using for future classes, one way to get them off your hands is to sell them to make at least some of your money back. You likely will not be able to get back all of the money that you paid for the books, but selling them will free up space in your house or will make moving home easier.

Sell your books on social media. There is likely a Facebook group for your school and graduation year. These groups are a great way to sell your books since many other students may need the books. Also, try posting in the groups for the years after your graduation date. These are typically newer students who may not be as far as you are in their studies and who may be taking the classes you took this semester in the coming semesters. There are also several yard sale Facebook groups. These groups are typically local groups that are based on where you live. It may be more difficult to sell through these groups, but it is worth a shot if nothing else is working.

Have a yard sale. While many people who attend yard sales are not looking to spend a ton of money and may not be buying the book for a class, they may be interested in the subject matter. This will give the person a chance to begin learning about a subject they have wanted to learn for a while. Have a yard sale with other college students to sell your unwanted books and even your

Check out websites that buy students’ textbooks. Sites like Uloop, Textsurf, Chegg, and Amazon have ways for students to sell their unwanted textbooks. While you have to pay to send out the books you sell, you can have the book price reflect shipping prices to help cover it. The books can then go to help other students who may be looking for a decent price on a textbook they need.

Sell your textbook back to your college bookstore. This may not get you as much money as some of the other options so this might be the last resort. Make sure you sell the books within the timeframe if your bookstore has one. Typically, you can find out the start and end dates for selling your books back when you buy your books. However, you can go to the bookstore during the semester to find out if you forget to ask.

Donate your books

If you are okay with not making your money back, you can always donate your textbook to a variety of places to help fellow students or a charitable cause. You have already purchased the book, so if you have been looking for a way to make a difference, donating your textbooks may be the solution you are looking for.

Sometimes, clubs on campus collect books for students in need. At Montgomery County Community College, the Veteran’s Club, at least at one point, collected used textbooks for the veterans on campus. This is a great way to make a difference for students who may be less fortunate while getting your textbooks off your hands.

Give your textbooks to students taking the class in the next semester. Your former professor in the class can help get you in touch with students who are in need of the book you have. If you have digital copies of your notes, offer to send the student them as well. Giving the student the book, or even offering it to them at a low price, can help them out a lot and can give them a contact to help them if the class gets difficult.

Donate them to a thrift store. Many thrift stores rely on item donations and use the money they make from sales to donate to a good cause. If you have been unsuccessful in other ways of getting rid of your textbooks, this may be your best option. Most thrift stores need the book to be in decent condition, though the rules are less strict than if you had rented the book.

If you rented your textbook, make sure to return it

Renting is a great way to save money, especially if you have no intentions of keeping the book. However, there may be deadlines for returning the book, so make sure you meet them to avoid potential late fees. Also, make sure you have followed the rules in terms of maintaining the books you rented, including notes in the margins or highlighting the book. Not following the rules may result in fees.

Use your textbook for something creative

If you are out of options or just like the look of your textbook, you can make a variety of crafts with your textbooks. These crafts and creative ideas can make furniture, which is expensive on a college student budget. You can also use these creative ideas as gifts for friends and family members. That way, you can do something personal and handmade without having to break the bank.

Finding a way to get books off your hands at the end of the semester can seem daunting, but there are a variety of options for you to consider.